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News from May 2015

This page is dedicated to uncovering the men behind the magic, that make up The Dick Ourada Band.
Here we will give you the latest news and behind the scenes information that you Dick-Heads crave.
And now, on to the news……

2014 brought a world of change to Dick Ourada. In January, Dick decided enough was enough. He started a strict vegan diet, quit smoking, and started exercising for 2 hours a day. We’re happy to report Dick is down to a svelte 167 pounds and feels like a new man. His doctors say he’s never been in better shape in his life.
We’re just kidding!
Dick is at home on the couch right now eating breaded and deep fried something or other, watching reruns of Petticoat Junction and thinking about having another smoke. “When you got something this good going, you don’t want to mess with it” Dick said as he highlighted some of the classic shows from the fall lineup in “the guide” that he plans on watching for the week. Then he threw in a “Yah Buddy” as we were leaving and he started laughing…..and coughing.

As expected, Ron Rydin just won another big lookalike contest. Who does Ron look like you ask? Everyone, as it turns out!
You can spot Ron Rydin doppelgangers on TV shows, commercials, sporting events, concerts, church (that MUST be a look alike, if it’s in church)…….everywhere!
Just look for him in the next big crowd scene you see on TV. There he’ll be.
Ron plans on taking his winnings and ordering a Russian mail order bride and buying his 1st suit.
When asked about his bride to be, Ron said “посмотреть на этой горячей кусок задницы я купил”
Hope to see you all at the wedding!

Recently Russ Rydin got his master fellowship the “Gnarly Lords of the Bogus Lands” back together and are planning a huge comeback in the Dungeons and Dragons Realm.
“It’s been 30 years since I’ve rolled those 8 sided dice, but we plan taking back the underworld that is rightfully ours.”
Back in 1984 the “Gnarly Lords of the Bogus Lands” were a force to be reckoned with. Rising quickly from obscurity to stardom in basements all across the western suburbs of Chicago.
“We were planning our greatest attack and takeover of the realm, when tragedy struck and Sammy “The Awesome Elf” Bucco had to go to fat camp that summer.“ Russ said as the tears streamed down his cheeks. “It was all downhill from there. The fellowship broke up, and we all started doing other stuff like dating girls and participating sports and stuff.”
But now they are back and ready to take over. If you have a basement or garage that Russ and the fellowship can use 2 or 3 times a week, please let him know.

Always looking to help humanity and perpetuate the human race, Randy Ourada did an honorable thing and donated his body to science.
The only catch was, he wanted to do it while he was alive so he could see advances he was helping make.
Every Monday, Thursday and every other Sunday Randy shows up to the Chicago Medical Research Institute and hangs out while tests are performed on him.
Randy enjoys being in the surgical arena the most. “It’s like theater in the round and I’m in the middle of the action. You really have a captive audience in this situation. I like to try out new material here, before I bring it to the band or to an open mic-night”.
Randy Ourada, your giving nature knows no bounds.

After 20 years of practicing law on the side of his busy music career, John Kienzle decided to go back to school to further his education.
“You need to start at the bottom and work your way up, if you want to get anywhere in this world”, John was overheard saying.
He wasn’t kidding. John enrolled at Northbrook Community Preschool and plans on getting to the top the hard way.
He’s been going to classes since August 2014 and we’re proud to report getting B’s and C’s.
He is a bit of a show boat in art class, coloring mostly within the lines and re-creating master works of art out of macaroni and sparkles.
At nap time, John quickly grabs a glass of whiskey and a smoke and it’s night-night time.
I tried to get another quote from John, but he was cramming for a colors and shapes quiz.
We think he’s going to be alright.

That’s all I have for now. I hope to sit in on a few upcoming group therapy sessions with the band, so I have even deeper knowledge and understanding of how this band truly operates.
Until then, enjoy the rest of the website.

Love and Mercy-
The Dick Ourada Band Webmaster

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