"It's 4:20 Somewhere" - Fall Tour 2015

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Hello DickHeads!

The Dick Ourada Band welcomes you to the “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” 2015 Fall Tour which of course stops at The Rolling Lanes in Countryside on Thanksgiving weekend Saturday Night November 28th, our annual Holiday show.

The summer show played to a packed Rolling Lanes and featured such walk-on guests as Dennis “Cash” Kairis, Andy “The Big Deal” P,  Bruno Mars, Bob Roach, Killer Pike, Jaden Smith, The Remains of Captain Lou Albano and many more!

We’re putting the final touches on in the rehearsal space for the next big show. 2015 will mark the eighteenth autumn in a row we’ve played for you faithful Dickheads! So how about, ya know, a little somethin for the effort……
Nobody has continually partied like The Dick Ourada Band, bringing you $7 worth of entertainment for that $5 cover charge.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at the this show to relive some of the good old days and to create some new memories with friends and family.

Love & Mercy,
Dick Ourada

A little history…..
In 1989, shortly after graduation from Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois Dick Ourada called old friend Russ Rydin and asked him to come by and jam. Upon discovering that they had nothing better to do and very little talent, they enlisted Dick’s brother Randy to play drums and started The Dick Ourada Band. Several years and dozens of bandmates later the D.O.B. decided to make a fresh start. In October 1996 the boys persuaded Russ’ brother Ron to play one show with them at “Manions” in Willow springs, Illinois.

That show on May 31, 1997 was so magical that Ron Rydin never left the group. Somewhere along the road that summer the D.O.B. picked up second drummer John Kienzle, when one evening he just appeared on stage.

Years later they find themselves positioned as “The Greatest Band In The Western Suburbs Of Chicago”. With over 300 songs performed live that include such treasures as “Feel The Mustache” and “The Ballad Of Chris P. Licks” to classics like “Who Is This Guy” and “The Dave Rule Blues”, this band never quits. Their 3-hour shows are rockin’ with a splash of theatrics, and they always leave their faithful fans “The Dickheads” wanting more Dick. If you think this is just another band made up of idiots, you’re on the right track.