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Learning Agreement Erasmus plus


Sep 29, 2023 0 Comments

As an international student, one of the best ways to enrich your academic experience is by participating in the Erasmus Plus program. Erasmus Plus is a European Union initiative that provides funding to students who want to study or intern in another country within the EU. To ensure that your Erasmus Plus experience is a success, you should familiarize yourself with the learning agreement.

What is the learning agreement?

The learning agreement is a document that outlines the courses you will be taking and the corresponding credits that will be transferred to your home institution. It is signed by you, your host institution, and your home institution, and serves as an agreement between the three parties.

Why is the learning agreement important?

The learning agreement is important because it ensures that you receive credit for the courses you take while abroad. Without this document, there may be discrepancies between the courses taken and the credits received, which could delay your graduation or even prevent you from obtaining your degree.

How do you create a learning agreement?

The first step in creating a learning agreement is to choose your courses. Your host institution will likely have a list of courses available, so it’s important to do your research and choose ones that align with your academic goals. Once you have chosen your courses, you will need to discuss them with your academic advisor and ensure that they meet the requirements for your degree.

Next, you will need to complete the learning agreement form. This form can typically be found on your home institution’s website or obtained from your study abroad office. Ensure that all information is filled out accurately and completely, and that all parties have signed the document.

Tips for a successful learning agreement:

1. Start early: Ensure that you have completed your learning agreement well in advance of your departure date. This will allow time for any necessary changes or corrections to be made.

2. Communicate: Stay in contact with your academic advisor and study abroad office throughout the process to ensure that you are meeting all requirements and deadlines.

3. Be flexible: Course availability and scheduling can change, so be prepared to make adjustments to your learning agreement if necessary.

Overall, the learning agreement is a crucial component of your Erasmus Plus experience. Taking the time to carefully choose your courses and complete the agreement accurately will ensure that you receive proper credit and have a successful study abroad experience.