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News from May 2014

So long 2013….don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. But to be honest,  2014 hasn’t really been much better so far. What’s with the never ending winter?
Fear not Dickheads, soon the chill will be gone and we can all get back to bitchin about the heat!

“What will the band be doing this year”? you ask?
Well, let me give you a little insight and some news as to what the band will be doing from now till the next show…..

Dick Ourada has jumped into fatherhood with both feet! Even though  his vertical is only about 6 inches, he’s sharking his fatherly duties like a seasoned pro.
The old familiar sound of “SUE……” Can often be heard down the block from his house, usually followed by “….the baby is crying”, “….the baby needs changing”, or “…pick me up a pound of breaded fried mushrooms and a doughnut”.
When Dick isn’t busy avoiding manual labor of every kind, he is busy trying to entertain the masses with his skill of squeezing into a costume and belting out tunes.
This year Dick has some new costumes, new songs and new tricks down his pants! Er, I mean up his sleeves. Just wait till you see. You either won’t believe your eyes…or you’ll want to poke them out  with a fork.

After witnessing Dick Ourada (complete with blonde wig and dress) make out with Dennis Kairis on stage in front of hundreds of people at the last show at the Rolling Lanes, a visibly distraught Ron Rydin questioned his choice of leaving his last band and teaming up with Dick to form this super group and wasting the last 15 years of his life.  But in the end Ron decided to stick it out with the band and try to just enjoy the memory and magic of life before witnessing that spectacle.

After putting his head through a wall at baby-shower last year, Russ Rydin forgot how to play a G and D note on the bass. So he spent much of last winter whittling down the 500 song catalog to exclude songs with these notes in them. We’re sorry to inform you that the catalog is down to 15 songs and these will be the only 15 songs  played at every show from here on out.
Russ has also been spending some of his free time at the lawyer’s office, trying to get the legal name of the band changed to The Dick Rydin Band. To test the waters the Band played a small show on the north side of Chicago, this past February under that name. Unfortunately 100% of the audience was male, and liked the name a bit too much. The fact that Dick wore a “Free mustache Rides” T-shirt didn’t help. In the end, they decided to keep the Dick Ourada Band name.

After 8 years of almost non-stop work, Randy Ourada has almost completed his Opus, a solo project entitled: A Murder Musical.
Randy hopes that all 27 of the 15+ minute, drum only, comedy songs will go over well with the audience.
Some of the songs include “Ladle out the Kool-Aid Jimmy”, “We’re all Wacko in Waco” and “Sexy Specky”
“Comedy and  murder go hand in hand” Randy was once overheard saying to a random stranger, at an open mic night.

I’m sorry to report to all you single ladies out there, but John Kienzle done got himself hitched and is no longer on the available list. 
His days and nights of hot and steamy love affairs with the DOB groupies are in his past. Now he can focus on his real passion of Competitive Dog Grooming.
Nobody sheers the schnauzer like this man.

That’s all I have for now. I will be moving in with each member of the band to shoot footage for a documentary I making, entitled “20 Year of This?”
Be sure to keep a look out for it at the Hillside Twin for show times, after it’s release.

I’ll try to update when the band can scrape together a few bucks to pay me. I found out the hard way, that no one takes “Dick Dollars”.
Well, not too many people anyway.
Until then, enjoy the rest of the website.

Love and Mercy-
The Dick Ourada Band Webmaster