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Education Service Contracting (Esc) Grantees


Aug 1, 2023 0 Comments

Education Service Contracting (ESC) grantees are private schools that are authorized by the Philippine government to provide primary and secondary education to underprivileged students. The program was created as a way to give children from low-income families access to quality education, which they may not have otherwise been able to afford.

ESC grantees receive funding from the government to cover a certain amount of tuition and other school expenses for eligible students. This funding is intended to serve as a way for schools to offer reduced rates to deserving students, without sacrificing the quality of education they provide.

The program is open to both non-sectarian and sectarian schools, but they must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for funding. Some of the requirements include accreditation from the Department of Education, a track record of academic excellence, and adherence to government-mandated standards for curricula and facilities.

In addition to providing access to quality education, the ESC program also aims to encourage private schools to be more accountable and results-oriented. Schools that receive ESC funding are required to submit regular reports on their enrollment, attendance, and academic performance, which are used to monitor their progress and ensure that they are meeting their responsibilities.

Overall, the ESC program has been successful in providing access to quality education for low-income families in the Philippines. It has helped to bridge the gap in educational opportunities, and has encouraged private schools to improve their offerings and accountability. For families who may not have had the means to send their children to school otherwise, ESC grantees have been a lifeline and an investment in their children`s future.